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All The Goodness That's In Cachao

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

It's not just all about the Cacao.... ok it's mostly about the cacao, but a big part of what makes Cachao chocolate so special is all the other ingredients that accompany and enhance the natural flavours of the cacao. The Cachao Signature Collection showcases 7 different flavours featuring some of the best ingredients from Mallorca and inspired by the aromas of the Spanish countryside. Each one has it's own unique backstory and can benefit your body and mind in complementary ways.


Background : Botanically speaking, marcona almonds are a pure Spanish variety originating somewhere near the coast of Alicante. The crop arrived on Mallorca during the 19th century when the wine industry took a huge blow after the grape vines on the island were nearly entirely wiped out by a terrible plague.

Chocolate Covered Almonds 120G

Marcona almonds are usually preferred over the classic variety for gourmet food products as they are sweeter, softer and and more buttery in flavour and texture. Their delicate aroma resembles the almond essence commonly used in confectionary; and the higher oil content produces a more intense flavour.

Health Benefits : A 25g serving of marcona almonds contains 6 g of protein and meets 50% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin E. The same serving size also contains about 10% percent of your daily value of both iron and calcium.

Season : August - September


Background : It is still contested when and where exactly apricot trees were first cultivated. It was brought to Spain by the Romans and Greeks and in the early 18th century Spanish missionaries were the first to introduce apricots to the New World. On Mallorca apricots have and continue to be an important crop particularly in the village of Porreres which produces 70% of the apricots on the island. During the 60's and 70's the fruit was even being exported from Porreres to places as far as the Americas. At Cachao, the apricots are hand selected by head chocolatier Tino Wolter and pureed at their optimal ripeness as soon as they arrive on-site at the chocolate manufactory. The puree is then gently dehydrated and pulverised before being blended into expertly tempered 71% Pure dark chocolate.

Health Benefits : Apricots can help increase your metabolism, improve digestion and prevent constipation. The are high in soluble fibre which can help you feel fuller for longer and aid in weight loss. A great source of vitamins A, C, E and iron.

Season : May - August


Background : Oranges were first brought to Mallorca in the early Middle Ages by the Moors, but it wasn't until the 1800's when cultivation began to boom particularly in Sóller where the best citrus on the island is grown. Sometimes referred to as "the island within Mallorca", the town of Sóller is surrounded by mountains and has a microclimate that produces oranges famous for their superior flavour and sweetness.

Health Benefits : Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants. Despite their natural sugar content, the fruit has a low glycemic index (GI) value of approximately 30–50.

Season : December - Mid June


Background : In southwestern Italy there is a remote village called Acciaroli where approximately one in every 10 living people is over 100 years old with very low rates of age-related illnesses like cataracts, cancers, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Many people link this phenomenon to the fact that rosemary has become a daily staple, with villagers adding it to nearly everything they eat and drink and even chewing the herb raw. Research is currently being carried to better understand the herb's impact on ageing. Like in Acciaroli and many other coastal areas of the mediterranean, rosemary grows wild in the hills of Mallorca and is used for a variety of reasons.

Health Benefits : Rosemary is often used to treat digestion-related issues like heartburn, excess gas and loss of appetite. It is also known to boost mood, improve alertness, and relieve stress, especially in those suffering from anxiety disorders or stress hormone imbalances.

Season : All year


Background : Fleur de Sel is sourced by channeling salt water into shallow pools and letting it evaporate naturally under the sun. The salt has been hand-collected by gently using rakes to harvest the salt while keeping the fragile crystals intact for hundreds of years. Traditionally this was a job designated for women due to their "soft and delicate" nature.

Considered the most complex in flavour due to compounds that absorb moisture and pre-dissolve the minerals within the salt, delivering an immediate hit of flavour to the taste buds. Salt is commonly used to enhance the flavour and sweetness of ingredients like caramel and chocolate due to the sodium's ability to trigger our "sweet taste buds" and register the taste as sweet. To create the Cachao Sea Salt flavour we sourced our fleur de sel from the world-famous salt marshes at Es Trenc.

Health Benefits : The less refined the salt, the greater the proportion of moisture and minerals. Fleur de sel is rich in natural iodine and has trace minerals including potassium, magnesium, silica oxide, iron and calcium.

Season : June - September

If you'd like to learn more about our ingredients and try our products come visit the Cachao Chocolate Manufactory in Palma or explore our website at

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