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Benefits of coconut blossom sugar.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

A nutritional sugar! Who would believe it?

Our bodies are so important and what we put into them is a choice we make every day that can either lead to a functioning healthy body or ultimately to health issues. Sugar is one of the top causes of many health issues around the world.

Do you know the difference in sugars and how the body reacts to each?

It really is a minefield of a topic if you search into it. White sugar is described by many experts as “empty calories” and is said to rob your body of essential minerals, lowering the immune system, and cause an excessive amount of insulin which can be even more damaging to people who suffer from diabetes.

Cane sugar is one of the most widely used alternatives to refined white sugar. Both cane sugar and refined white sugar are derived from sugarcane juice but undergo different processes. In the case of cane sugar, the juice is filtered, evaporated, and passed through a centrifuge, and white sugar undergoes a more intense manufacturing process. Although cane sugar has more nutrients, it contains practically the same calories as white sugar.

Coconut sugar comes from the Nira, which is the nectar inside the blossoms of the coconut tree. The coconut sugar is made by first collecting the sap and then boiling it at a controlled temperature to preserve the nutrients while eliminating any remaining bacteria until it is crystallized. This process is far from the extensive refining process that white sugar goes through.

One of the differences between coconut sugar and cane sugar is that coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index, which means it will have less impact on blood glucose levels, not spiking insulin.

Coconut sugar is full of antioxidants that are good for your skin and hormones as well as many other nutrients such as iron, potassium, and calcium. 400 times more potassium than white sugar to be exact. What do we expect? This source of nutrients comes directly from nature. Much like coconut milk, the sugar has a way of regulating the body’s water content avoiding over-bloating. Wonderfully good for the gut, this source of insulin promotes the growth of Bifidobacteria, a good bacteria for the intestine which restores immunity. Bifidobacteria also produce vitamins such as B6 and K. The presence of inulin slows down the absorption of glucose, helps to reduce certain cholesterol levels, improves intestinal flora, and the absorption of minerals and vitamins.

The great thing about this healthy alternative to ordinary sugar is that it looks and tastes similar to brown sugar, but with a delicious caramelized touch. The organic coconut sugar used in our CACHAO chocolate and products comes from Java, Indonesia, where the local farmers carefully remove the nectar without damaging the plant, then it is harvested organically by hand.

We chose coconut blossom sugar for the making of our CACHAO products for all these reasons exactly, because we wanted to offer 100% organic chocolate that allows you to indulge in your favorite sweet knowing that it provides you with so many natural benefits. Balancing your immune system, the antioxidants in chocolate are known to reduce blood pressure and help your skin complexion and hormone level. We’ve all noticed the mood uplift after that bite or two of a chocolate bar have we not? Some even say that it boosts brainpower and function, as the flavonols in the chocolate speed up brain reaction time, space awareness and give you a stronger memory.

Even so, we always recommend taking coconut sugar or any type of sugar in that matter in moderation.

You can buy here our 100% organic coconut sugar and create delicious creations with it.

That’s it, we have no more reasons to convince you further that our CACHAO products are as healthy as can be, oh wait, yes we do. They will deliciously sweeten up your day in an instant!


If you'd like to learn more about our ingredients and try our products come visit the Cachao Chocolate Manufactory in Palma or explore our website at

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