Pure Chocolate Block (Ceremonial)
  • Pure Chocolate Block (Ceremonial)

    Our 71% and 100% Pure chocolate in 300g tempered blocks.

    Perfect for making your own creations and for use in Cacao Ceremonies (see additional info for preparation).

    To place an order for a 2kg block please enquire at info@cachao.eu.

    Best Enjoyed Before: 12 months



    Using a sharp serrated knife and a mortar and pestle, cut and grind the chocolate into a thick paste. Heat a big pot of filtered water and add the chocolate to the water stirring with a whisk. Continue to stir preventing the chocolate from forming at the bottom until all the chocolate has melted completely. Add chili powder and/or other organic spices to suit your taste or cool and drink as-is. Don't feel bad if you hate the bitter taste, you can add agave, honey or coconut blossom nectar to taste and the effects will still be the same.



    Approximately 40-50g per adult depending on size

    300g enough for 5-8 servings

    2kg enough for 40-50 servings