There is a reason Mallorca attracts so many purveyors of good taste.  The abundance of natural resources and fusion of cultures on the island has led to some of the highest quality artisan products in world. 


The Son Moragues estate covers over 100 hectares of dry-stone terraced olive groves in the heart of the UNESCO designated Serra de Tramuntana mountain range and we have more than 10000 olive trees, aged between 2 and 6 hundred years. In the last ten years we have worked hard to restore our estate to its former glory after the sharp decline in traditional agricultural life of the 20th century. In doing so we are restoring age-old artisan techniques in strict compliance with European regulation on organic agriculture and the standards established by the Majorcan Designation of Origin.


Dos Alquemistas is a new concept of natural waste efficient culinary manufacture, born and raised on the west coast of Mallorca, at Son Moragues, a beautiful organic olive grove set in the Tramuntana Mountains. The protagonist is the olive leaf, also known as symbol of heavenly power. Ancient cultures knew for centuries what now is being discovered by scientists: Infusions made of olive leaf have extraordinary health benefits. The phenol Oleuropein is one of the main active compound found in the olive leaf which is responsible for its healthfulness. Olive leaves are best know to lower blood pressure but the latest studies reveal, they also act as antioxidant, strengthen the immune system and combat viruses and un-welcomed bacteria.